How to Use Earth Tea Extra Strength

How to use Earth Tea? Your immune system will use up all the help it receives. The Great news is it uses that help until it’s completely dried up. In other words one bottle might last for months. The difference when your immune system attacks an issue is, it fixes the issue.

So how do you know how much Earth Tea to drink? Simple, After your first cup you should notice changes within 20 minutes. Your immune system works extremely fast when the right help arrives. After your first cup wait 24 hrs to see how you’re feeling. If you feel differently Meaning starts to feel better, that means your immune system can help. You will then do daily cups and once you start to feel like you’re back to normal stop and go get tested again. In Most cases you can use 1-2 bottles, in serious cases you can use 4-10 bottles. The key is always get tested to know your exact status.

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