Lawsuit UPDATE!


Case Update.
FDA. FTC and DOJ during the discovery stage requested.

  1. Conversations with customers / consumers
  2. Invoices
  3. Documents for my trial
  4. Documents for my published trial
  5. My ingredients receipt

And others

Currently, the hold-up is my Ingredients receipt. They strangely claimed that they need the receipts to calculate charges from me purchasing the ingredients..( very strange and very weird)

The trade secret law protects my ingredients, but they’re ignoring that law. The court / judge said there will be a confidential / sealed agreement where only the lawyers will see the information, but for some strange reason, the lawyers want it to be set so others could see my ingredients. (Who and why?)

So far, the hold-up is my ingredients. They admitted in conferences

They have no evidence or no study that backs up the lawsuit, but yet the case is still active, and their slander articles are Still on the doj, ftc and fda websites

Our next conference is March 7, 2024 . What they and court will do is make a big deal over my ingredients receipts.

Remember the law in every way says that advertisements must not be False or misleading. Until this day I have not advertised anything thats false or misleading. In addition, they do not have evidence of anything false or misleading, so instead of the case be about their bias racist accusations It’s now about my ingredients because their ultimate goal is to get my idea…

So that’s where the case is right now, Trial hold up because I will not give the lawyers my ingredients.

Stay tuned…

We appreciate your support.