Substantiation Claims

Since day one B4B Earth Tea intended to be different from others. This company was formed because the owner felt the power of plants and saw real success when he developed his first product. The idea behind product number one is also used to develop others, lets call it the Natural supplement blueprint!

After a lawsuit was filed some terms became familiar, disclaimer and now Substantiation claims. Before this lawsuit these terms were never familiar because they were never published openly maybe it was there but it was a secret.

Now that our lawsuit is closing in to trial more and more secrets are coming public. Before we thought natural supplement manufacturers are not required to show proof but now the language has changed. Fair enough!

So following their rule B4B Earth Tea LLc if remains in the USA we would like to be the first Natural Juice company to produce Substantiation Claims for everything we advertise.

In the past feedbacks were collected and then shared as recommendation but now we will use feedbacks to initiate researches. The original plan was to plan trials after 10 people reports the same thing. We are sticking to that concept but changing how we advertise and share recommendations. Feedbacks will be Collected and instructions how to use will be shared but moving forward we will ensure Substantiation claims are fully verified and 100% supported with scientific proof by research establishments.

Looking forward to do individual research then publish our results. The concept is the same: give our body what it needs and it will try and correct itself. Looking forward to achieving unmatched success.

We will launch our research funding program where you can help grow our Substantiation claims list. Estimated cost for each issue is $25k, that should cover 20 people per study.

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Stay tuned for Our Substantiation Claims List

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