Earth Tea Immune Support Drink

Earth Tea Immune Support Drink (sold each).

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Brand: B4B Earth Tea


Our possible benefits are from feedbacks we received from people like you, who tried our products. We appreciate honest feedbacks after trying our products.

This product is unsweetened to ensure its 100% Natural. You may sweeten if necessary, preferably honey or agave.

If you need assistance purchasing or have any issues to report please text / voice note only 718-635-2135 directly or WhatsApp.

Feel free to contact us before purchasing for how to use our product.

Earth Tea Extra Strength is a Plant Based Drink that May help support your Immune system. We believe that our immune system can handle most of our issues. Our drink is extremely potent, from trying one bottle you will be able to decide if it may help your health .

Start today with our 100% Plant Based Drink. General use. Half Bottle per day 8oz per day until the recommended bottles are finished

Developed Mar 20, 2020

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You are trying this product “NOT AS A CURE” but as an immune support drink.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

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